Taylor Rompel

Taylor Rompel


Taylor Rompel is your trusted partner in Southwest Florida real estate. With three years of active experience, Taylor has solidified her reputation as an adept REALTOR who goes beyond transactions to guide her clients through life-changing decisions.

What sets Taylor apart is her innate ability to organize emotions and steer clients toward their goals with unwavering focus. Making challenging decisions is rarely easy, but Taylor’s unique skill lies in maintaining a positive headspace and fostering open communication. For her, real estate isn’t just about buying or selling; it’s about contributing to the growth of a community and building lasting relationships.

Communication and personal care define Taylor’s approach. Her dedication transcends the conventional bounds of the industry. She’s not just a REALTOR; she’s a reliable resource for every step of your real estate journey. Taylor’s commitment to education ensures her clients are well-informed about new developments and market trends. With her guidance, you’ll confidently make informed decisions tailored to your unique needs.

Taylor’s professional journey is marked by diverse experiences. Her six years in the luxury bridal industry honed her people skills and ability to match preferences with options. Transitioning into real estate, Taylor embraced the challenge of helping couples find their dream homes, combining both partners’ desires seamlessly.

But Taylor isn’t just about business; she’s woven into the Southwest Florida tapestry. Her parents’ deep community roots, including her dad’s retired military service and her mom’s dog grooming salon, showcase her family’s commitment to the area. Taylor herself has graced ballroom dance floors and explored hidden gem restaurants, declaring good food her love language.

Join Taylor on your real estate journey, supported by her home base at Miloff Aubuchon Realty Group. Just as she felt at home from the moment she walked through their doors, she wants you to experience the same warmth and connection. Miloff’s values align with Taylor’s vision of personal relationships and promises kept. Working alongside a team of like-minded individuals, Taylor ensures your real estate experience isn’t just successful – it’s exceptional.

Take the first step towards your real estate aspirations. Contact Taylor today and let her turn your dreams into reality.

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